Function: single family house

Location: Inárcs (Hungary)

Year: 2011-2013

Type: realized new building

Administration of the building permit: István Ligetvári, Rita Steiner

The clients of “House Hunyadi” would have liked to build a traditional house, which has a timeless and modest appearance. The house was arranged on the middle of the plot and it followed the building line of its neighbour, a kindergarden.

The house has two storeys. In the cellar there are technical room, garage for 4 cars, wine cellar and recreation room. On the ground floor there are living and dinning room (oriented to the South and West), kitchen and bedroom (oriented to the North) and children rooms (oriented to the West). The living and sleeping zones are separeted from each other. In connection with the kithen a small morning terrace is placed at the cool part of the house and in the opposite side there is a big, sunny terrace, which roof can shade the South-West facade and has a direct connection with the living and dinning room.

White plaster and brick facade, wood windows and shading shutters, ceramic tile cladding on the roof are the tipical building materials of the Central Hungarian region. The result is a timeless and cosy home for the 4-member family.

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