Function: single family house

Location: Siófok-Szabadifürdő (Hungary)

Year: 2021-2022

Type: project with building permit

Administration of the building permit: Zsófia Miklós

The tiny house was designed near the biggest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton. The context is a transition between a summer house area and a permanently inhabited place. The lake is only 15 minutes walk from the house. The street is quiet and there are not so many trafic on it. The streetscape looks unfinished, because of the many empty plots along the small street. It was important to give a neat streetscape with the new house.

The plot is very small and the building utilizes the maximum available building perimeter and emerges a compact volume. Before the planning process it was necessary to speak with the local building office, because the rules were not clear on this plot. Because of mandatory distances from the neighbors the plot was too small for a building. We made a preliminary plan and we have managed to convice the local building office, that an alternative way of the placement of the new builing works.

The builders did not want to have a garage for the car, so it was possible to design a ground floor house. The street side of the house faces to the South-West and the roof overhang protects the facade from the summer sun and it is like a portch in front of the entrance. In the Hungarian folk architecture it was a tradition, to protect the South facade of the long houses with porches. The terrace face to the North-East to have its privacy and to be cool in the summertime.

The facades are covered with white, medium-grain plaster, in the window reveals and on the ceiling of the porch the plaster is fine-grain. Along the North-West side and the street side of the plot there are rough, brown-red local stone walls to mark the place. These local stone walls, which are from recycled materials, connect the house with the past and hopefully this material can be have further future in this region of Hungary.

The house was designed as a summer house, but it should serve the needs of a permanently used family home in the future: it has two bedrooms, a living-dining-kitchen area and a bathroom and it gives altogether 67 m2 space for the users. Basic colours have been used in the interiors, which strengthen the modern athmosphere of the house: wall tiles in the kitchen and the floor tiles in the bathrooms and in the anteroom are gray-blue, the wooden window frames are red-brown, the ash parquet is light brown-yellow. The house is under construction.

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