What architecture should be: material, space and function. The architecture history was stopped at the 1920’s after art nouveau and before avantgard modern. Architects at that time, who believed in siplicity, sincerity and clearness had right. ’There are no more big themes in architecture’*, we should continue our history and try to focus on timeless architecture, that can show the way to the future.

MATERIAL is the essence of architecture, that can mean construction as well. Materials are the body of architecture, they can tell stories about places, times, society and history. Materials are the living skin of architecture.

SPACE is the place, in which people live. Architects must sketch up, and build up the spaces where the users can form their life. Spaces should be variable, and must be built for a long time.

FUNCTION does not mean a kind of utility of a space. A good building and room (space) can accept many functions, because we design our buildings for a long time, and spaces must reflect for the changes of time.

What the users of architecture need in the future is a kind of calmness, slowness and safety.

*Hans van Heijden, Rick Wessels (biq): HABITAT – biq Builds the City – nai100 publishers – Rotterdam – 2013

Ádám Balog

MSc Architect TU

Budapest – 1989


2014: Diploma – University of Technology and Economics – Faculty of Architecture – Budapest (Hungary)

2013: University of Liechtenstein – Faculty of Architecture (ERASMUS Studies) – Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

2007-2014: University of Technology and Economics – Faculty of Architecture – Budapest (Hungary)

1999-2007: Táncsics Mihály Grammar School – Dabas (Hungary)

Work experience

2021-: ARGE Gunz&Künzle Architekten and Miebach Oberholzer Architekten – architect (Zürich – CH)

2020-2021: Office of Mireya Heredero – architect (Zürich – CH)

2017-2020: Office of Prof. Ueli Zbinden – architect (Zürich – CH)

2014-2016: Lutz&Buss Architekten – architect (Zürich – CH)

2014: Soppelsa Architekten – internship (Zürich – CH)

2008-2013: Trafik Kör – Contemporary Art Association – artistic director (Dabas – H)

2012,2013: MádiLáncos Architecture Studio – internship (Budapest – H)

2007-2013: Freelance


2021: House Klapka: selected building in the “Young Architects in Black-and-White 2021” competition (Hungary)

2021: House Klapka: selected for the exhibition of the “Houses of the V4 Countries” (Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia)

2014: Hauszmann Prize – Landscape Laboratory, Dabas (Hungary) – diploma prize of the Faculty of Architecture of TU Budapest (BUTE)

2013: TU Budapest/BUTE-Student Research Conference – Architecture Critic and Theory section 1. prize (research theme: Sincerity and identity – Contemporary Czech architecture in the context of cultural identity)

2012: Greater Grace International School – ideas competition for BUTE students – 2. prize

2012: Revitalization of the garden of the church in Kelenvölgy – national ideas competition for students (with Éva Sára Varga) – honorable mention

2010: Media Architecture Prize –  Trafik Contemporary Art Gallery (with Trafik Kör) – 4. prize

2010: Local Architecture Heritage Prize – Trafik Contemporary Art Gallery (with Trafik Kör)

2009: Insula Lutherana belfry for a lutheran church – national ideas competition for students – 3. prize


2023: House Klapka in the book “28 + 84 Houses” (ISBN: 9786158221214)

2021: House Klapka in OCTOGON Architecture & Design Magazin issue 2021/7.: Dávid Bán: Kisvárosi átrium: https://www.octogon.hu/epiteszet/kisvarosi-atrium/

2021: House Klapka on NOT A PAPER HOUSE: https://notapaperhouse.com/semi-detached-house-by-adam-balog/

2021: House Klapka in “METSZET” Architecture Magazin issue 2021/2: Miklós, Zs. (2021): BOXING IN TRADITION Metszet, Vol 12, No 2 (2021), pp 44-49

2021: House Klapka on ARCHELLO: https://archello.com/project/semi-detached-house-klapka

2021: House Klapka on DESIGNBOOM: adam balog blends modern semi-detached house within hungarian vernacular architecture (designboom.com)

2021: House Klapka on ÉPÍTÉSZFÓRUM: Aszimmetrikus ikerház – Klapka-ház, Dabas (epiteszforum.hu)

2021: House Klapka on ARCHIWEB: archiweb.cz – Atriový rodinný dům Klapka

2014: Landscape Labor on ÉPÍTÉSZFÓRUM: Tájlabor – mezőgazdasági és tájkutató bázis Dabason (epiteszforum.hu)

2013: Research Project on the University of Technology in Budapest: Őszinteség és identitás – Kortárs cseh építészet a kulturális identitás tükrében – BME TDK Portál

2012: Competition for the XIII. Venice Biennale on ÉPÍTÉSZFÓRUM: Az ember újra épít(ése) – kiállítás terve a Velencei Biennáléra (epiteszforum.hu)

2010: Trafik Contemporary Art Point on ÉPÍTÉSZFÓRUM: Happy ending: elkészült a TRAFIK Kortárs Művészeti Pont (epiteszforum.hu)

2009: Competition for a Belfry on ÉPÍTÉSZFÓRUM: Templomtorony a győri Insula Lutherana tömbben (epiteszforum.hu)


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