Bauhaus 100

It was a 4-day trip with 8 people in the summer of 2019. We traveled by train and we had 2 cars there (a rented and an own car). The accommodations were in Weimar [2 nights] and in Dessau [1 night]. This trip was organized for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus in Weimar. 

01.08.2019 Erfurt, Weimar

The trip starts early in the morning at Zürich Main Station. The journey takes 6.5 hours and you have to change the train twice: in Basel [CH] and in Mannheim [D]. After arriving take a short sightseeing in Erfurt: Domplatz, old town, city hall, Krämer-Bridge [photo]. Rent a car and drive to Weimar. You can take a short walk and have dinner here. Accommodation for 2 nights.


02.08.2019 Weimar

After breakfast [tip: Café Wünsch Dir Was] start the tour in the famous Park an der Ilm: in the park you can find the ruins of the atelier of Johannes Itten, the Tempelherrenhaus. Walk through the park and on the hill stands the House am Horn of W. Gropius [photo]. It is worth to visit inside, too. Walk further and you can see the new estate “Neues Bauen am Horn” of Adolf Krischanitz, Diener & Diener and Luigi Snozzi. Go back to the old town and take a look at the new building of the Study Centre of Duchess Anna Amalia Library. [Tip: the rococo building of the Anna Amalia Library is also beautiful.] Than go to university and go also inside: the old building is designed by H. v. de Velde. A new tourist attraction is the new Museum of the Bauhaus, where you can get to know the history of the early years of the Bauhaus in Weimar. Just next to museum there is the Gauforum, which is built in the monumental neoclassical style of the Nazis. After this long day you deserve a good dinner in one of the best restaurants of Weimar: Scharfe Ecke or as the locals say the “die Kloßfrau”.


03.08.2019 Dessau

Before you leave Weimar drive to the old cemetery and take a look at the famous monument of W. Gropius: Denkmal der Märzgefallene. And now after 2 hours drive you arrive to Dessau, the most important place to discover the buildings of Bauhaus movement: “Das Bauhaus” [the former atelier and the school of the Bauhaus and some student apartments], the Houses of the Bauhaus Masters, “Amthaus” [all of them designed by W. Gropius], Restaurant Kornhaus by Carl Fieger on the riverside of the river Elbe [photo]. You can visit the new Bauhausmusem, too. [Tip: you can finish the day in the restaurant “Brauhaus Zum Alten Dessauer”.] 


04.08.2019 Dessau

In the morning visit the Bauhaus estate in Dessau-Törten. W. Gropius’ urban design and houses are waiting for you. There are 5 arcade houses [Laubenganghäuser] by Hannes Meyer in this quarter of the town, too. Now you are leaving Dessau and go back to Erfurt to give back the rental car. Go to Zürich by train, as you came.


And here is the map:

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