Benelux 2018

It was 4-day trip with 5 people in the spring of 2018. It was partly a bit cold there in this time (in May), so one can travel to the Benelux States rather in the summertime. We traveled by train and we rented a car in France. The accommodations were in Liége [2 nights] and in Valkenburg [1 night]. It was a trip with lots of high quality contemporary buildings and in this short time we have been in 5 countries.

10.05.2018 – On the way to Liége

The trip starts at Zurich Main Station early in the morning. Go to Metz [F] with two changes – in Basel [CH] and in Strassbourg [F]. You are in Metz before noon. Take a walk there and visit the mediaval cathedrals and old town. Rent a car and drive further to La-Roche-an-Ardenne [photo] and Durbuy [two nice towns in the Ardennes]. In the evening you reach Liége [B], the former industrial city.


11.05.2018 – Liége and Maastricht

Take a walk in the morning in Liége. The main tourist attraction there is the Montagne de Bueren with its long and steep stairs. From the top you can see the city. from above. The morfology of the city is pretty intersting with river Maas, and even though it is not so big, the city seems like bigger because of the after war modern architecture. Driving along the river Maas, you reach not so far from Liége the city of Maastricht [NL]. Here you can find some excellent contemporary buildings: the Art Academy [photo] and the Indigo office building by W. Arets, a book shop in a former church, the La Fortezza Offices by M. Botta, the tower by A. Siza, the STOA estate by Luigi Snozzi and the Museum of Art by A. Rossi. Around the city border you can find also some “low rise, high density” housing estates with terrace- and atrium houses. [Tip: a friendly restaurant with amazing food a nice green courtyard in Maastricht: Marres Kitchen].


12.05.2018 – Sacral spaces and places

Leave Liége and drive to the Netherlands. In Heerlen [NL] you can find the AZL Headquarters extension and the musik school by W. Arets. Drive further to Vaals, where the Benedictine Monastery [photo] by H. van der Laan is waiting for you [tip: you can visit the entrance hall, the courtyard and the church]. After this sacral place go further to Aachen [D], where you can find other sacral buildings: the cathedral is on the UNESCO-list and the modern church by R. Schwarz. [Tip: our accommodation was in Valkenburg [NL].


13.05.2018 – Luxemburg

On the last day go to Luxemburg: Esch-sur-Sure is a village with a nice castle ruin and the capital Luxembourg [photo] has also eyecatching parts. Drive to Metz [F] and  give back the rental car, take on the train and go back to Zurich.


And here is the map:

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