Burgundy 2017

It was 3-day trip with 4 people in the spring of 2017. It is worth to travel to Burgundy in the late spring or early autumn, because the weather is good: the mornings are cool, but in the day it can be over 20°C. We traveled by train and we rented a car there. The accommodation was in Auxerre (2 nights). This part of Bugundy is famous from the white wine: Chardonnay.

12.05.2017 – From Dijon to Auxerre

The tour starts early in the morning at the Main Station of Zurich. You have to change the train in Basel and after that without stop go to Dijon [4 hours]. Rent a car here and drive to the town of Avallon [tip: lunch break]. In St. Pére visit the gothic church and this village is not far from the world heritige site of Vézelay [cathedral and walking in the town]. In the evening the beautiful Auxerre [photo] is waiting for you with a dinner and the accommodation.


13.05.2017 – Wines and palaces

[Tip: if you wake up early, than start at the St. Fargeu palace.] Between Auxerre and Chablis the landscape is beautiful. [Tip: drive slow]. The village of Chablis is very cozy and it is famous from the local Chardonnay white wine. And now let’s see two palaces: the one in Ancy-le-Franc and the other in Tanlay. At the end of the day visit the town of Tonnerre, where you can find a well with dark blue-green water [photo] and the church stands on the top of the hill with a panoramic view.


14.05.2017 – Medieval feeling

[Tip: if you wake up early, than start in the medieval town of Noyers.] The way back to Dijon there are two destinantions. Semur-en-Auxois is a typical medieval town. [Tip: if your journey is in May: there is a medieval festival with lots of events on the streets.] At the end of the trip you must see the famous cistercian monastery in Fontenay [photo]. After the visit of the monastery give back the car in Dijon and travel back to Zurich over Basel.


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