Czechia 2015

It was 5-day trip with 8 people in the summer of 2015. The weather was hot. We traveled by 2 cars in the whole time. The accommodations were in Chrudim [1 night] , in Liberec [1 night], in Chomutov [1 night] and in Prague [1 night]. The focus of this trip was the architecture of North and Middle Czechia.


Budapest, Litomysl, Chrudim


Chrudim, Hradec Kralove, Rudnik, Vrchlabi, Semily, Tanvald, Liberec


Liberec, Krasna Lipa, Decin, Usti nad Labem, Chomutov


Chomutov, Kadan, Louny, Revnicov, Libcice nad Vltavou, Prague


Prague, Jenstejn, Benesov, Brno Villa Tugendhat, Budapest

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