It was 4-day trip in the spring of 2023. It was the perfect time to travel, because it was sunshine all the time (in the end of March). I traveled by train, also between the different towns. The accommodations was in the suburb of Bologna [3 nights], but I can recommend to book a hotel in the city, because there are only buses and they usually late. It was a trip of some important cities of this region of Italy.

24.03.2023 – Bologna

The trip starts at Zurich Main Station early in the morning – there is a direct train to Bologna and you can arrive short after 12 o’clock, so start your stay with an Italian lunch. Bologna ist famous of tortellini, tortelloni and mortadella, but there are also many other good things to eat. Just walk in the city and enjoy the arcades, which are maybe the most precious architecture elements of Bologna. The main places in the old town are the Piazza Maggiore (Main Square), the two leaning towers, the city hall, the cathedral. I highly recommend to see the old university’s wooden space: the Teatro Anatomico (it was a lecture room of the university).

25.03.2023 – Modena and Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca

Go to Modena in the morning by train. From the station you can reach by walk and by bus the San Cataldo Cemetery (second photo), which is one of the most famous work of the Italian architect Aldo Rossi. I recommend to take a look first to the old cemetary, because without this first impression you will not understand the concept of Rossi’s cemetary. After this contemporary architecture experience you can walk into the city of Modena. It is also very typical Italian city with the piazza in the middle with cathedral and city hall. The cathedral is UNESCO wold heritage and it is really worth to see because of his deeply sacral impression. There is also market hall near the main square, palazzo ducale and many nice streets. On the late afternoon you can walk up to the Santuary of Madonna di San Luca (first photo) of the great porch which is 2 km long – you will sweat on the top, it is really a sport, because it is not only a long way but it goes up, too.

26.03.2023 – Ferrara and Ravenna

Go to Ferrara in the morning by train. The city is famous of its old brick architecture, but you will see some good new examples, too. The old town is UNESCO world heritage. It is worth to walk on the Corso Ercole d’Este-street: it begins with the Palazzo Diamanti (third photo), Castello Estense, main square and cathedral. There are many nice streets in Ferrara, but the narrow Via delle Volte ist one the most impressive one. On the afternoon go to Ravenna, the city of the middle age christian monuments. Many of them are UNESCO world heritage: Basilica di San Vitale (fourth photo), Mausoleo di Galla Placidia, Battistero Neoniano, Basilica di Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, Battistero degli Ariani, Teodorico Mausoleum. Ravenna has also a typical main square and there is also a famous church near the city (by bus): Sant’Apollinare in Classe. If you have time you can also take a look at the sea coast, because Ravenna ist near the Adriatic sea.

27.03.2023 – Bologna

On the morning walk in Bologna before you go back to home. The streets in the old town work like a market and you can buy some sausage, cheese and pasta.

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