Moravia and more 2015

It was 5-day trip with 4 people in the spring of 2015. The weather was typical as April: it was snowing at the beginning and an the end it was 25°C. We traveled by car in the whole time. The accommodations were in Ostrava [2 night] , in Brno [1 night] and in Pisek [1 night]. The focus of this trip was the architecture of Moravia, Moriavian-Silesian Region and the South of Czechia.


Budapest, Mikulov, Stary Poddvorov, Popice, Prace, Prerov, Ostrava


Ostrava, Opava


Ostrava, Bernartice nad Odrou, Velka Bystrice, Olomouc, Brno


Brno, Mala Lhota, Jestrebi, Jihlava, Pisek


Pisek, Radomysl, Horazdovice, Ceske Budejovice, Budapest

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