Brittany 2022

It was 5-day trip and I traveled alone in the autumn of 2022. It is worth to travel to Brittany in September, because in this time there are not so many tourists, but the weather is quite good: the mornings are cool, but in the day it can be over 20°C. I traveled by train and I rented a car in Rennes for 3 days. The accommodations were in Rennes (2 nights), Dinan and Perros-Guirec. On this trip I have seen the capital of the region: Rennes and some other small towns and I hiked along the sea coast of La Manche.

08.09.2022 – The Capital of Brittany – Rennes

The trip starts at Zurich Main Station early in the morning. Go to Rennes with one change in Paris [F]. You arrives to Rennes at around 3:30 pm. You can start with a late lunch, but in this time you can find only some restaurant, where you can try Brittany’s specialities: crêpe and galette. Rennes is a university city and it is very living. The main attractions are: city hall, cathedral, parliament of Brittany. I loved also the river bank La Vilaine. It is also worth to go to the Musée des Beaux Arts, because the collection is grandiose (on Monday it close!).

09.09.2022 – Mont-Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo

Rent a car and drive to Mont-Saint-Michel. This tiny village with the great abbey is in Normandy, but it ist not so far from Rennes. You can park the car and go to the tourist information centre. From here, the village ist approx. 40 minutes walk. Meanwhile the walk to the village you can enjoy the many different lights and sights of the abbey, because the weather changes very quickly. From west terrace in front of the church you can look around and see the unique tidal landscape. Go further to Saint-Malo. With the can it is not easy to find parking places, but at the Plage des Bas Sablons it can be possible. So go by walk into the town. Until the II World War the town suffered by bombs and a part of it was destroyed, but after the war it was rebuilt and nowadays you can see a very homogeneous townscape. It is worth to take a walk in the old city and on the fortification walls. There is also an island next to the town, it call Grand Bé (photo). If there is low tide you can walk in the isle, but you have to be careful, because the high tide come quickly and you must stay on the isle. Dinard ist just next to Saint-Malo and it is also worth to take a walk there. In the evening you reach Dinan, where your accommodation is.

10.09.2022 – Along La Manche

In the morning I suggest to take a walk in Dinan. There are some very old half-timbered houses (photo). Drive further to the Fort la Latte. This castle and fortification is laid on a rocky peninsula of the La Manche. You can look around and enjoy this magnificent rocky sea coast. Go further to Cap Frehel, it is only 10 Minutes drive from the Fort la Latte. I recommend you to hike in this special place with the pink-orange stones and the lighthouse (photo end this page). The flora and fauna is also special here. Now you have to drive approx. 2 hours to Tréguier (on the way there are some nice sea coast, where you can take some minutes pause). The town Tréguier has nice stone architecture and the cathedral is also typical Brittany. Go further to Perros-Guirec and here will be your accommodation. You can have dinner just near the sea by sea coast.

11.09.2022 – Cote de Granit Rose

Start the day with hiking: the Pink Granite Coast is amazing (photo). The forms of the nature are almost like a painting of a cubist painter. After this magic place go further to Guingamp: the old town is small but it is worth to take a stop there. On the way to Rennes, you can find an interesting tidal landscape near Saint-Brieuc: the Bay of Saint-Brieuc is a nature reserve area and dark grey mud is a little bit scary. In the evening you are again in Rennes.

12.09.2022 – Rennes

In the morning it is worth to go the Parc du Thabor: there nice flowers, plants and animal there. Before you leave Rennes, let you have a lunch in the many good restaurants of the city.

And here is the map:

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