South Poland

It was 5-day trip with 4 people in the summer of 2016. We traveled by an own car from Budapest over the Czech Republic. The accommodations were in Wroclav [2 nights] and in Krakow [2 nights].

01.08.2016 – Zlin, Tychy, Wroclaw

The trip begins in Budapest by the Kelenölgy Railway Station and it is 4 hours to reach Zlin [CZ], the town of the Bata shoemaker factory. There are many racional modernist buildings in the town and you have to have min. 2 hours to discover the centre of the town. After 2 hours driving the next stop is already in Poland: in Tychy a brewery is waiting for you with a visitors centre by the Konior Studio. [Tip: at the end of the guided tour you should taste the the beer.] In the evening you are arriving at Wroclaw [photo].


02.08.2016 – Wroclaw

This amazing town have many interesting buildings, so you should discover theses on the whole day: the Corte Verona estate by Biuro Projektów Lewicki Łatak, the Novy Targ square by Roman Rutkowski, Kameleon house by Erich Mendelson, the Trading house in the city centre and the Beton Hala [tip: the main attraction] by Hans Poelzig, the market hall by R. Plüddmann [photo]. [You can find some more tips on the map.] The historical architecture with the many chuches and the main square are also worth to visit.


03.08.2016 – Opole, Glivice, Katowice

Start the day in a nice place: the open air museum [“Skanzen”] in Opole shows you the folk architecture of Poland. The town Opole has a beautiful main square, but not all the buildings are renovated and that gives a old charme to the place. [In Opole you can walk a bit around the church complex next to the town, which is built in 1983. The town of Gliwice is already the suburb area of Katowice. Here you can visit the famous loft apartments by medusa architects. In Katowice the most interesting contemporary building is the Silesia Museum by Riegler Riewe Architekten [photo]. In the evening you are arriving at Krakow.


04.08.2016 – Krakow

In Krakow you can find many historical buildings like the Wavel, the main square and the jewish district is also very cozy, it is worth to eat there something [tip: I can recommend the restaurant Dawno Temu na Kazimierzu on the Szeroka square – the heart of the jewish district]. If you would like to see the contemporary Krakow, than you should visit the Museum of Tadeus Kantor by Wizja Architects [photo] and the art gallery MOCAK by Claudio Nardi and Leonardo Maria Proli.


05.08.2016 – The mountain region

[Tip: you should have breakfast in the Bunkier Café in Krakow]. You are leaving Krakow and after 2-3 hours driving you reach Zakopane. The small town is one of the most important places in Poland for the tourists, mainly because of the mountains and the local folk art and gastronomy. Back to home you can take a break in Banska Bistrica [SK] and slowly you are again in Budapest.

And here is the map:

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