Function: single family house

Location: Egerszalók (Hungary)

Year: 2012

Type: competition for archtecture students

In collaboration with Dorottya Ligetvári

In this competition was called for proposal, how will look like the singel family house of the future. The concrete location and size of house could be choosen by the competitors. The future of the single family house is the way back to the origins: a natural future. After the mankind had conquered the nature it lost its connection with the nature. In the area of Egerszalók (Northern Hungary) there had been built many cave houses. So, is there any sence to built cave houses nowadays? It could be a sustainable solution because a cave can be excavate from the local tuff hills and a new house can be erected from this tuff stone in front of the cave. So a part of the house can be placed in the cave and the other part can be in modern volume.

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