Function: cinema, restaurant, café

Location: Grjótagjá caves (Iceland)

Year: 2022

Type: international competition

In collaboration with Zsófia Vancsura

Renders: Bruno Silva dos Santos

Nature and landmark together. The rich history of the site with the tectonic rift between Europe and America, and the Grjótagjá Caves in northern Iceland, has deeply inspired our concept. Across the road, we cracked the earth’s cover and lifted out the cinema pavilion as a small jewel, illuminated as a landmark on the site – leading the hiker along the path of the rough Icelandic landscape to the building, attracting the visitor inside. The design of the cinema pavilion is linked to the existing caves, forming a triangular passage with 3 edges – Karlagjá (Men Cave), Kvennahjá (Women Cave) and the movie pavilion – inviting the visitor on the tour to visit the highlights of the landscape and relax in the cinema dome at the end. As the films take inspiration from history and landscape, our building also reimagines the meaning of the traditional way of the Icelandic turf houses. The idea behind the warm interiors and the protective cladding is inspired by its home’s structure. The green roof, covered by the Icelandic soil, is integrated into the landscape, under which the weavy traveler can rest in ths hideaway to share his passion for films and culture.

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