Function: kindergarten, primary- and high school, swimming pool

Location: Budakeszi (Hungary)

Year: 2012

Type: competition for TU Budapest students – 2nd prize

The Greater Grace International School is situated in Budapest now, but in the future the whole school complex would like to move to the village, Budakeszi, which lies nearby the Hungarian capital and it can give a calm and safe atmosphere for children and teachers.

The education building (kindergarten, primary- and high school) and a swimming pool are placed on the plot surrounded by family houses. In front of the school complex and the swimming pool a square is arranged with benches and low growing plants. Next to the school there is a meadow for sport activites and in the opposite site a forrest, which would be a recreational zone not only for the schoolboys and girls, but also for the local residents, nearby the school.

The school complex has two levels. On the ground floor there are entrance hall, school canteen, kindergarten, offices, musik room and a sport hall, which is sunk into the terrain. On the first floor there are the class rooms, art room and library. The compact form is interrupted with inner court yards and terraces, so students have the possiblity to send their breaks in the fresh air. The round shape of the school is made by exposed concrete and the inner courtyards are built by massive wood panels.

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