Function: village planning and apartments

Location: Planken (Liechtestein)

Year: 2013

Type: university project

Consultant: Conradin Clavuot

The village of Planken is located on a plateau, high above the Rhine valley in Liechtenstein. There is an eye-catching view from the village to the valley, which is the biggest advantage of Planken. Nowadays only 400 residents live here, but the population is rising permanently. The municipality of Planken gets ready for a twice as much population in the future and they searched answers for the question: how can the village protect its athmosphere despite the rising number of people?

The plan proposed 4-storey high urban houses along the main street of the village and high-rise (7-storey) apartment buildings on the upper parts of Planken. The two types of houses (urban- and high-rise apartment buildings) are made by massive wood panels, which is a modern and local way to build in the Alps (innovation and tradition). The houses have a rigid spatial system, because building from wood have some limitation. The massive wood structure create rooms and there are no corridors in the apartments, rather spaces. Every space has its own function, which cannot be changed in the future. This structuralist way of thinking reflects to the feeling of the old alpine houses.

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